Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saudi Arabia Gross Domestic Product GDP Forecast

World Economic outlook - Saudi Arabia Gross Domestic Product GDP Forecast ; While most other countries were hurt or devastated by the world financial crisis, because the Saudi Arabia government had built significant financial reserves the country was not affected nearly as much. Even the small damage experienced was quickly resolved in the form of direct capital going into financial institutions and banks to help with guaranteed bank deposits as well as lower rates. During the financial crisis in 2008, the Saudi Arabia GDP (Gross Domestic Product, Current Prices, US Dollars) was reported at $475.73 billion in US currency. From that time to the end of 2009, only a slight reduction was seen, which left numbers at $369.671 and putting 2009 at number 26 for world rankings. As far as 2010, experts are predicting the country’s GDP will be only slightly different at $438.01 billion but for 2015, a more significant change is expected that would put the GDP at $644.97 billion in US dollars.

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